Night navigation /experience builder

To sailing trips with Night navigation.
trip 1 
Departure 19 september Yerseke
Arival 20 september Harlingen
We leave Yerseke and sail to HArlingen, a distance of about 165 Nm. We make this trip in one leg. There wil be watch system on board. 
The crossing of the Maas Entrance(Rotterdam Harbour wil be a high-lite  next to the night navigation.
Kosten 220 euro per persoon.
Trip 2
Departure 26 september Harlingen
Arival  28 september Yerseke
In 3 legs we sail from Harlingen to Yerseke, there wil be a minimum of one Nght sail.
We set sail from Harlingen trough the Stortemelk to the North sea and head to Den Helder outisde of the Wadden Islands, From here we set sail to Vlissingen with a stop over. Leg is from Vlissingen to Yerseke sailing the Westerschelde.
Kosten 380,00 euro per persoon.

8 days sailing on the North Sea

7 day trip starting in Yerseke on a Bavaria 46.

Depending om the weather and other factors like covid we are going to set sail to te North of France/Belgium or around the Netherlands.
The goal os sailing at least 400 Nm and sailing to night sails, we wil be sailing in a watch system.
The ship is a Bavaria 46 with 4 cabins, build 2017. we want to sail with max 6  and me.
Cost are 898 Euro including food on board, fuel and harbour fee's
Date 10 till 18 october

Sea Sailing

Are you looking for adventure and learn to sail?

We are sailing to the North of France.
From home port Medemblik we go trough the IJsselmeer, the Waddenzee The North Sea towards the south. Follow the Dutch and Belgian coasts and through the English Channel. Depending on the time we go to Cherbourg or through to one of the Channel Islands, Guernsey or Jersey. We will sail with 4 to 5 crew and myself as an experienced instructor. 

Departure Medemblik 14 March 2020 
Arival North of France 21 March 2020

Departure North of France 22 March 2020
Arival Medemblik 29 March 2020

Price 8 days trip, single trip 895,00 Euro
Price 16 day trip, to North of france and back 1.695,00 Euro

Also we organise mile builders in the home area, for example trips to France s, the Uk and Denmark. During these trips you will gain a lot of experience and grow as shipper. 



Distance c.a. 530 Nm

Date 15 to 21 October 2020

Time c.a. 6 days

Price 895,00 Euro


In this stage we sail through the busy channel and we end up in Bretange with its strong currents and beautiful environments. Passage of Guernsey and Jersey, Ile D Ouessant and the Chanel du Four to end in Brest.

These passages are a challenge for those who like to make tidal calculations. There are currents up to 5 knots in this.

Here we will make a clean ship and prepare ourselves for the next stage.

Brest to Lisabon

Distance C.A. 670 Nm
Date 23 to 30 October

Time  c.a. 7 days
Price 1.195,00 Euro

This stage we go over the much discussed Golf or Biscay. Always a challenge. Often this holds a few days with sturdy winds. After the crossing we make a stop to northern Spain and then we sail along the Spanish and Portuguese coast, over on the Atlantic Ocean, to arrive in Lisabon.

On this trip you can see dolphins and who knows a whale. A real challenge for those who want to push their boundaries and increase their sailing area.

It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. That’s why we’re committed to helping more people like you, every day.

Lisabon-Gran Canarie

Distance C.A. 770Nm
Date 1 to 10 November

Time c.a. 8 days
Price 1.295,00 Euro

We are getting further south and the weather will be more beautiful on the North Atlantic.

After a good day sailing we cross the entrance of the Strait of Gibraltar and we have a lot of freight traffic, then expect a quiet trip to our destination.

ARC Rally, las Palmas-St Lucia

Do you also have it on the Bucket list? The ATLANTIC CROSSING


November 22th we depart from Las Palmas to ST Lucia. We are going to do this with the ARC Rally.

A trip of C.A. 2800 Nm along with the trade winds.

Arrival is around December 22  there is a great feast on ST Lucia for all participants.

Between 11 November and the departure 19 November there are several seminars where you can participate in preparation, you are then welcome aboard our Dehler 42.

Price 2.400,00 Euro
Date 22 November to19 December 2020