Sailing tuition


We offer a wide range of sail training options. From beginners to experienced sailors, we have the correct training for you. Motor manoeuvring days, sail trim, navigation, skippering or night navigation, we can help you in all. If you have a special request we can integrate this in our training or make a special training day for this. 


We offer special and tailor made trainig for your ship, experience or sailing area. For example Mediterranean training or night sailing as preparation for longer trips. Buts also boat/yacht manoeuvring on engine or sail. Tell me where you want to build experience and we will organize it. Akso tuition on 

Own boat tuition 

You have just bought a new yacht and want to learn to better manoeuvre  you own boat or just want to get more knowledge of your yacht, we can help you. We have quit a good technical knowledge of technical systems on board.