TP Yachting, Yacht Delivery, Tuition,  Mile builders, Sea Sealing, Canari Islands, Atlantic Crossing and sailing holliday's in the Caribbean


Do you have a yacht that has to be moved from harbour to harbour, we are there for you. We have a pool of very experienced shippers and crew, all professionals. We can do this any were on the earth were there is water. We also have the knowledge to sort out technical issues and make a ship ready for a trip. 


We offer a wide range of sail training options. From beginners to experienced sailors, we have the correct training for you. Motor manoeuvring days, sail trim, navigation, shippering to night navigation, we can help you in all. If you have a special request we can integrate this in our training or make a special training day for this. 

Sailing Holliday

In 2023 we are going to do 7 weeks of sailing in the beautiful north of Sardinia.
We will ne sailing on a Jeanneau 44I with 4 cabins.  You can join for a week or more weeks in a row. 
As a bonus we wil spent a night in Bonifacio Corsica.

Regatta sailing

This winter we are in the Caribbean, in November we will sail from Las Palmas to St Lucia in the ARC Rally, in the Caribbean we are going to hop islands and participate in a view Regatta’s. Around April we are back in the Netherlands. 

Our mission, let people enjoy sailing in the most relaxing way. 

Ons verhaal

Zoals alle grote dingen zijn ook wij klein begonnen. We waren een paar vrienden met mooie ideeën en gingen van start. En dat heeft tot iets moois geleid!

Onze motivatie

Ons werk is onze passie, onze grootste drijfveer. Het is de reden dat we elke dag weer doen wat we doen. Ons werk daagt ons met elk nieuw project uit beter te worden en meer te bereiken.


Groot nieuws! We werken onze kalender doorlopend bij, dus sla deze pagina op om op te hoogte te blijven van alle aankomende events en belangrijke aankondigingen. Hier vindt u als eerste onze nieuwe projecten, seizoensaanbiedingen en belangrijke mededelingen.